July 10, 2011

week in iphone pics

Since this is the most recent week (starting with July 4th), I'll actually link this one up with Amy over at a good life.  Hop on over to her blog to see other phone pic weekly reviews!


Monday  ::  So thankful my family cheered me on as I ran a 10K.  So freaking proud that I ran the whole thing!  Ryann discovered that she could color on mommy.  Kind of funny, kind of annoying, and messy.  Baby belly in bikinis, enough said.

Tuesday  ::  After five whole days at Grammy's, Ryann was happy to be home with her own toys.  It was a hot day, can you see all those curls?

Wednesday  ::  More random crib time.  Sometimes I think maybe she is telling me she wants to take a nap, but she kind of freaks if I turn out the light and leave.  Who knows.  Bath time with daddy, she loves to play in the water.

Thursday  ::  Ryann is getting better and better at using a fork.  She was very proud of her skills.  We took a trip to Target to see Mih-Mee (Mickey) dance.  She is obsessed with the dancing Mickey toy, but he can stay living at Target.  It is an easy way to get her to want to go shopping.

Friday  ::  I was up bright and early to make some cake batter rice krispies so we could bring a treat when we visited friends.  Daddy didn't have to leave for work until 9, so they enjoyed some morning snuggle and book time.  Surprise surprise, we played with chalk.

Saturday  ::  Ryann's new favorite game?  Going in rooms and playing peek-a-boo with the doors.  I made some easy Nutella brownie bites to take to dinner with friends.  Unfortunately I didn't find them that exciting, but I didn't follow the recipe exactly either.

Sunday  ::  Ryann has a new obsession with the grass.  She used to scream if we set her in it, now she literally rolls around in it.  What a weirdo.

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AmyLee said...

oh my gosh, that baby belly in the bikini?? adorable. and maybe all the super cute swim suits (slash/dresses/shoes/EVERYTHING) is the biggest reason why i would love to have a girl next. they don't make boy stuff like that!!

great pics :)