July 17, 2011

week in iphone pics

Bam.  Getting this one done on time.  Yep, patting myself on the back.  My problem is I can never decide how to lay the pictures out.  I like putting them all in one big block, because it doesn't matter how many photos I have from each day (I can't stand if I have an odd number from a day, I'm OCD like that) and it doesn't make the post huge.  But I like breaking them up by days because it is easier to write some captions/recaps.  So this week they are broken up.

I know you were really concerned about all that.

Moving on.


It was surprise surprise, freaking hot.  So Ry spent some time running around in the sprinkler.  She loved it.  I'm sure I haven't mentioned that she hasn't been sleeping well (sarcasm, obviously) so less than 20 minutes after nap time she was having  a complete meltdown.  The cure for meltdowns?  Snack on the counter, and watching The Monster at the End of the Book on the iPad.


Tuesday after the gym, Ryann and I went to Super Target to grab some last minute items for our dinner gathering that night, and to see Mickey dance of course.  And just a cute picture of some post both snuggles with daddy.


Ryann is pretty dang close to being able to buckle herself in the car seat.  She always tries to help.  That is fine and dandy, but I hope she doesn't figure out how to get out soon!  Thankfully it was only 80ish degrees in the morning (as opposed to feeling like 102), so we took a trip to the park.  She was one happy lady.  When we got home there was a concrete truck across the street.  She didn't know what to think.  And that night I made a disaster in the kitchen trying to make these muffins.  I think if you are a better baker than I am, they would come out pretty good (a healthy chocolate muffin!).


Ryann's current favorite books are Barnyard Dance and Moo Baa La La La.  I seriously think I've read each of them 20 times since Wednesday.  Ry made a little friend during our morning trip to the park.  When we got home she was exhausted.  After nap Ry helped me do my make-up.  When daddy got home the little mooch helped daddy eat his snack.  We scored big in the Target dollar section with a Mickey Mouse alphabet book.


Yum.  Now that is what I call breakfast, toast with jam, eggs and mango.  Oh  my crazy little girl at the park.  She was quite the flirt when we went to Hobby Lobby.  After nap we built a fort in the family room and had a little picnic.  She was a little crazy at Whole Foods.  And Friday night marked a new obsession, crayons.


For reals.  Obsession.  I think we spent a couple hours total coloring on Saturday.  Ryann helped daddy toss the laundry down the shoot.  More craziness.  And oh shoot, Ryann figured out how to climb up on to the window seat.  Lovely, she just became a little more dangerous.


After figuring out how to climb on to the window seat, Ryann wanted to climb EVERYTHING.  She thinks she is a big kid now who can climb all the stuff at the playground.  Ha.  Chris and I snuck out during nap time (with Grandma 'Nita at the house of course!) to see Harry Potter.  Loved it.  We spoiled the wee one by taking her to the mall to pick out a Mickey doll (she has become obsessed with Mickey, and she rarely ever gets to watch the cartoon!).  She scored extra big and got a Minnie too.

Our week in a nutshell.  Did you take phone pictures this week?  Link up with Amy over at a good life!


Nikki said...

Cute sunglasses!

amy@agoodlife said...

love your week! that pic of ryann in the swing is adorable. and i totally hear you on the whole collage/even number of pictures for each day thing! i'm totally bordering on ocd. ah well :)

MelanieM said...

I love reading your blog! Ryann is just TOO cute - her "crazy" faces kill me! :) (I don't remember exactly how I even found your blog, but I'm glad I did.)
Also - I like the way you did your weekly pictures this way, with the captions right after each day's pics. :)

~Melanie, Orlando FL