July 30, 2011

i've got questions

Oh you know, just some random questions I had on my mind, that I figured the interwebs would have answers to...

1.  Did you know today was national dance day, and national cheesecake day?  Ok, that is more of just an FYI, but whatever.  I remembered the cheesecake part a little too late... we had already been to the grocery store so making anything resembling cheesecake was out of the question.  And then I looked up how many calories were in the slice of cheesecake I usually get from Cheesecake Factory... errr, almost 1200.  Wah wahhh.  So no cheesecake :o(.  I tried to have a dance party in the kitchen with Ry, but she ran away like I was crazy.  I may or may not have been doing an awkward version of the running man.

2.  What kind of make-up do you use?  I've been using Clinique powder and foundation since probably middle school.  I hate having that much stuff on my face.  It isn't really heavy or anything, but I'm tired of apply the liquid foundation and then having to use a powder, and then usually having to put a bronzer on top of that.  I would love a good tinted moisterizer with an spf in it.  Any suggestions?

3.  If you are a stay at home mom, when the heck do you shower?  Where is your kiddo when you do?  Since I've been working out in the morning, I REALLY need a shower right after that.  But the question is what to do with Ry...  I would just shower in the gym locker room, but for starters, snack time is right when I finish with my workout usually, and I just know she would poop and they would page me while I'm not exactly decent.  Plus I like showering in my own house, you know?  Usually I end up sticking her in her crib with some toys, but generally that just ticks her off.

4.  What is your kiddo doing while you're cooking dinner or baking?  Our kitchen isn't really open to the rest of the house.  I try to let her 'help' me, but she is scared of everything.  Like the mixer.  The microwave.  Other various household objects.  Now that Chris is gone, oh you know, all the time, I need to be able to do these things with Ry.  But she usually runs off and tries to injure herself climbing on things.  Typical toddler.  I've tried pulling out bowls, spatulas, pans, etc, and putting them on the floor, but that only occupies her for about .5 seconds.

Well, that is it for now.  But since posts with no pictures are lame, I'll leave you with this:


You're welcome. 


Anonymous said...

Re: showering, how independent is Ryann? Isaac is happy to play on his own, so I just pick a time he's happily playing and jump in the shower. I leave the bathroom door open and he will sometimes wonder in and talk to me and I'll call out to him every few minutes just to check up. It works for us! Two things to note: our house is very baby-proofed and Isaac isn't one to climb cabinets, etc., so I feel comfortable leaving him on his own for a few. :)

Bri {collected} said...

2. I've been using Bare Minerals for the last 5 years and I've converted many friends. So light, so easy and so natural looking. I could never switch to anything else.

3. Either during nap time or she just showers with me. Most of the time she's with me. It's my favorite. She does not sit still pretty much ever, so this is our time to hang out and talk and play and learn. I just shower quickly and then sit down and play with her.

4. She just kinda roams around anyway, like I mentioned, she never really stays in one place. Things are pretty babyproofed and I just keep checking on her.

Also, I love that Rilo and Ryann pretty much have the same mullet/lack of hair thing going on. Do people still ask whether she's a boy or girl, regardless of what she's wearing?! Because they do that to Rilo ALL the time...

Lisa said...

At her age I would stick my kids in the crib with some toys. They might not be thrilled about it but I was in the shower less than 5 minutes. Now my kids are 5, 3 and 2 I put a video on. I'm still in the shower less than 5 minutes.

Megan said...

I'm interested in reading answers to #2 also! I pretty much suck at being a girl and I hate wearing TONS of makeup. Mostly because Im lazy. Something quick and easy would be nice!

As for showering...we usually gym in the morning (home by 10ish) and I sit stinking until the boy goes down for a nap around lunch time. Usually it's after we eat but when he does pass out before Im scrambling to stuff my face and wash my stank during his nap.

And cooking...Im still working on this one. Luckily I can see through to the livingroom from my kitchen so I turn on tv and pull out every toy he might light and give him a cup and a snack...sometimes that doesnt work and he still dangles from my legs screaming at me. He spends a lot of time in his highchair in the kitchen next to me sampling anything I can throw at him to keep him quiet while I finish cooking :)

Southern Belle Mama said...

I Love Bare Minerals makeup! It is light but gives enough coverage without a foundation (although you can certainly use one if you'd like).

Mine are old enough to stay occupied while I shower, but when Lilly-Belle was a bit younger I'd just pop her in the shower with me in the morning.

Cooking...I have no idea! This must be a battle for mothers across generations! :)

Love the pjs! Lilly has the same pair.

Ash said...

I use Mary Kay (I know I thought it was for older women too) :) But they have a mineral foundation that doesn't feel heavy at all and I love it!

Alot of times Bailey will just end up showering with me. Which she didn't like at first but I didn't trust her by herself even though she was a few feet away in our room. Now she LOVES it so if I don't want her to I just make sure Mickey is on so I can have a couple minutes alone.

I'm still working at the cooking/baking one :) Bailey loves to "help" but it makes me nervous. So I pull out the crayons, markers, paints, stickers and put her in her chair at the table. She will stay entertained for a little bit and if I add some snacks then I can get a little more done. (She tends to make a huge mess and color on the table more than the paper but the washable products come right off. I'd rather clean that than having her try to pull pots off the stove.)

Your daughter is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

A good tinted moisturizer is Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturiser (SPF 30). They make two different shades, you can find it at Sephora and it smells great. It seemed expensive at $28 for a small tube, but you only need a little bit. I have been using it daily for over 2 months and I am only about halfway through the tube (and that's even with accidentally squeezing a quarter size amount onto the counter one day!!). Hope that helps! Sorry I can't help with any other the other questions, as I don't have any kids, just 5 younger siblings!

Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

Ugh, showering. I usually shower at night after I put DS to bed. It just works the best. If I have to shower during the day for some reason, I wait until naptime. That doesn't really help you. I can say that the annoyance of finding time to shower and the idea of having to take the time/energy to do so after working out definitely makes me think twice about getting sweaty when I get the idea for physical activity in my head. It's just annoying. It's situations like this that make me wish I were a guy considering it takes DH all of 3 minutes to shower and get dressed again. So annoying!

When I'm cooking/baking I leave DS in the family room. I try not to be in the kitchen for extended periods of time, but thankfully, although I can't see him, the kitchen is adjacent to the family room so I can hear what he's doing. He's pretty good about playing by himself and our family room is where we spend all our time so it's like 99.9% babyproof and I don't have to worry about him getting into things he's not supposed to. When he was younger and was too little to play independently or when he was going through his separation anxiety phase (or sometimes even now) I set him up in his highchair with a snack and a spoon or two to bang with so he can play and watch what I'm doing. He's usually content long enough for me to get what I need to finished. If he was underfoot I'd NEVER get anything done in the kitchen!

Jenny said...

1.) I did not know about dance day & cheesecake day (but now I want cheesecake!).
2.) I use Bare Minerals. I like that it doesn't feel like there's a ton of stuff on my face, but that they have the "bisque" powder for when I need more coverage.
3 & 4) Can't help you there. Unfortunately, I am not a parent yet.

Anonymous said...

I like this tinted moisturizer from neutrogena.

Lane said...

Hey Ashley!! I have been following your blog for a while now and you are sooo creative!! So fun to check in to see your fun recipes and the silly things Ryann is doing. I just came about your blog through others and funny to see we are both from Topeka. The only question I can help you out with is the make-up part! I have been wearing Mary Kay since 7th grade and just started selling it. I love the mineral powder but have spent most of the summer wearing the Tinted Moisturizer with SPF!! Would love to help you out if you’re interested!!!

Happy Sunday!

Tara said...

I like smashbox's tinted moisturizer. It is super light and easy, but gives great coverage.
For showering, I usually would put my baby in with me with toys.
For dinner, I let her play with toys for the first few minutes then put her in the high chair with whatever veggies I am chopping for dinner. She gets occupied plus they are more likely to try the new foods because they are hungry too.

tracy said...

love, love, love mary kay! they have a great mineral powder foudation that isn't heavy and looks great (and is a little less expensive than bare minerals!!!) also have a great tinted moisutrizer and regular moisturizer with spf. plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee. check out my website. www.marykay.com/tracydickinson.

as for showering, both my girls (ages 1 & 2) play in my bathroom or bedroom while i shower. our house is very well baby proofed, so there isn't much they can get in to. of course there are some days where i just have to wait till the hubs gets home.

when i cook dinner, i will either have the girls play in the living room (our house has an open kitchen and living room, or if they haven't watched much tv, i will pop in a signing time dvd!

hope this helps!!

Meredith said...

Lizzy is a total climber/daredevil, so I can't do like Kristal suggested! I also put Lizzy in her crib and/or wait until she is in her crib for "quiet time" since naps are apparently no longer existent.

Heidi Jo said...

Our bathroom is babyproofed so I just close the bathroom door and Adelaide plays on the ground while I shower, or she plays peekaboo behind the shower curtain the whole time.