August 3, 2011

a little lackluster

...but good just the same.

Today was Christopher's birthday.  Did we have a big celebration?  Nope.  But we got to see him, which was quite the present for Ryann and I :o).  Even though Chris started his residency at the end of June, he officially started his first full rotation last Wednesday.  In one week he has worked nearly 100 hours.  Which translates to I miss my husband, and Ry Ry hasn't seen her daddy in a few days (he leaves before shes up and comes home after she is asleep).

So when Chris called me today at 3 and said they let him leave early, I was THRILLED!!!  And a little sad because Ry and I had planned to run and get some balloons for him when she was up from her nap.  Oh well :o).  We were happy to get a few hours of quality time.

We went out to dinner.  Ry was a mess, didn't want to eat anything, didn't want to sit still, didn't want to do ANYTHING.  We came home, Ry didn't want to take any pictures with us.  Figures.  Chris got a pink candle in his birthday brownie, because that is what we had, and dangit I wanted him to have a candle.  He put Ryann to bed at 8, and then went to bed himself :o).  So I'm doing what I do best, watching So You Think You Can Dance and playing on the internet...

Ryann is still a bit unsure about me cooking/baking.  She hates anything that makes semi loud noises.  I however, may have won her over by letting her lick the beaters.  And yeah, she was helping with the flour.  Can you tell?  We were baking daddy's birthday brownies, this recipe.  Love it.


Somehow Ryann totally benefited from Daddy's birthday and got to watch a movie.  She was thrilled, obviously.


 And a few more just because I can :o)...


Happy Birthday Christopher!  Ryann and I love you so much, and are so proud of you and all you do.

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christa said...

Cute pictures. My husband is a crop manager on a large farms and there are some weeks he's worked 100+ hours, it's hard, and we don't have any kiddos.

kyna... said...

I will never get tired of the super cute, but hilarious faces that Ryann makes in some of her pictures! What a character!
♥ Kyna

Faith said...

awesome pictures! Ryann is adorable! love the expressions she makes!!

Happy Birthday to your hubby!