August 27, 2011

a week in my life - saturday

WHOOOO!  The last of my 'a week in my life' posts.  I know some people appreciate them, and I will LOVE looking at them a few months from now, and especially a few years from now.  But they were exhausting!  Forgive me if this one is a little rough or lame.  I waited a little too long to turn the note on my phone into a post, and a week later I don't really remember what happened.  Whoops!


5:16AM:  I wake up when Chris is getting ready for work.  Thanks to my early bedtime I'm feeling a bit more rested, so I read some blogs and start working on a post.

6:08AM:  Ry wakes up.  Seriously?  Can't that kid learn to sleep in?  Yes, I know, I'm already up, but still...  I do the usual, get up, make the bed, get dressed and go get Ryann.  She helps me switch the laundry.


7:02AM:  Breakfast time!  My week is seeming a bit redundant... peanut butter toast all around, and Ry also eats some yogurt.  After we're done eating we (used very loosely) unload the dishwasher, then I wrestle the little munchkin in to some clothes between reading various books.

7:54AM:  We're off to the gym.  Today I'm taking the 'no limits circuit' class.  Sometimes it's not so bad, sometimes it is ridiculously tough and I wonder why I even came.  The instructors (it has been rotating over the summer I guess) always say to go at your own pace, yadda yadda yadda, but I feel like if I don't give 110% I look like a fool.  Today's class in particular had a few moves that I just couldn't quite get (I SUCK at balancing on a bosou ball and doing weights), and I feel like I didn't get a great workout.  So I hop on the elliptical for 15 minutes before getting Ryann.

9:45AM:  Ryann and I eat a quick snack in the car before driving over to Dick's to pick up my race packet.  Ry has always been a little afraid of escalators (I know you aren't surprised) but today she was all for it.  While we were riding up she kept saying 'weee!'.  I was cracking up.  On the way out she impressed me by saying escalator almost plain as day.  "Ex-a-later again?  Pease?  Ex-a-later?"  I think this kid might be smarter than me by the time she is five.

10:33AM:  The temperature outside isn't too miserable yet, so when we get home we play with the sidewalk chalk.  And of course, Ry gets absurdly messy.  I swear she finds the most chalk covered part of the driveway and purposely plops herself in the middle of it.

 11:09AM:  I finally drag Ryann inside to get cleaned up.  She needs to be wiped down with a baby wipe, and I am in serious need of a quick shower.  To keep her occupied a bit longer I throw some yogurt melts in a bowl (yogurt melts seem to be my go to sit still item... hmm..).  When I'm all squeaky clean and dry I turn on the oven, then Ry watches Diego on my bed while I get dressed.  We eat some lunch, clean up, and get ready for nap time.  Ry is resisting a little bit, and miraculously offering to read her an extra book before laying her down does the trick.

ry ry my dear, you can be such an odd little duck!

12:43PM:  When I plop down in front of my computer and look at the clock, I can't believe the day is only half over.  I am already exhausted.  I read some blogs, and then I start browsing weelicious looking for recipes for Ryann.  I change the laundry, and consider being more productive.  But instead I randomly decide to design a favicon for the blog (is there a little turquoise square with a yellow heart by my web address in your browser?  there should be!).  Then I'm on the hunt for songs for my running playlist.

3:29PM:  Ryann is up from her nap.  I throw my hair back and we sit down for a snack.  Then I grab some dinner items, throw them in the diaper bag and we are off to JT's (and Jenn's) house!  So glad they are back in town, they were gone for over a month.  The kiddos play while Jen and I catch up.  Right before we left I tried to get a picture of Ryann and JT together, it ummm, didn't go so well...

come on ry, he looks so sweet and innocent!

7:15PM:  We pack up our stuff, tell Jenn and JT goodbye and head home for bedtime and bath time.  Once Ry is in her crib for the night I keep working on these silly 'week in the life' posts.  Documenting an entire week is way more labor intensive than I expected.


9:03PM:  Chris is finally home from work.  We each have our nightly snack (cereal for Chris, frozen yogurt and raspberries for me).

And that's where my notes end.  I'm assuming we just played on our computers and went to bed, but I can't remember.  All I know is that it wasn't anything crazy exciting!


And that wraps it up.  My week may not be all that exciting, and probably got a bit repetative, but I thrive on schedules and don't do change well.  :o)  I'm glad I'll be able to look back on a whole week of my life though!

I've got some great mommies lined up to post about their days.  Check back on Wednesday, you might just get a peek at Amy's life!


Meg said...

Thanks for the link to weelicious! Now that my M's one, I've started looking for new and healthier things to try and get her to eat...I'm anxious to browse that site! I think the week in your life posts were fun, and it will be great to read through them in the future!

CoreysGal said...

I really enjoyed this! Random thoughts I would like to share (1) after following your blog since right before you had Ryann, you should know that you document your life pretty well because in seeing your whole week there were not many surprises or new insights (not saying it was boring, I just didn't learn anything new), (2) so funny that JT is wearing a "chicks dig me" shirt in those pics considering Ryann's disposition at that moment, (3) is it awkward to be around other children Ryann's age with how much she is talking and how much she knows already (letter recognition and counting to 12?????)? My daughter talks about half as much, can only give me a few #'s and does not acknowledge the alphabet whatsoever and all my friends cannot get over how "smart she is" so I cannot imagine how they react to you, (4) you dress Ryann sooo cute and I recognize a lot of it because my daughter has a lot of the same outfits and (5) you look great and all your hard work is inspiring! You make me want to be a runner. Anyway, I don't comment as much as I want to so I just gave you a mishmash of all my recent thoughts! Have a great weekend!