August 6, 2011

steppin' out saturday

Whoa.  It was Saturday.  Chris didn't have to work.  I actually showered and got dressed, because we went out to dinner while Grandma 'Nita and Great Gram watched the babe.  AND I remembered to have Chris take pics of my outfit.

I'm definitely not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination.  I like clothes, I pin many cute outfits over on pinterest.  But my wardrobe is made up primarily of Target t-shirts and jeans (well actually some shorts right now!).  So I figured if I was wearing something that I deemed cute, we might as well document it.  Plus I know Ry will love looking back at the 'cool' outfits her mommy wore :o).

top:  local shop in my parent's town
shorts:  Ann Taylor Loft
shoes:  Steve Madden from Macy's (they're half off right now!)
ignore my terrible nails
LOVE the detail on the back of the shirt.  Sort of why I bought it.


Ryann wasn't the least bit impressed with my attempt to get her in some photos.  She was tired and ready for bath time.  And just ticked that we took away the sidewalk chalk.  If you care her top is from The Children's Place and her skirt is from Old Navy.

Dinner was delicious.  However thanks to my sore throat I haven't been drinking enough water the past few days, so I unintentionally sucked down three large glasses of water in about 15 minutes.  So by the time I started in on my dinner salad (grilled chicken, avocados and tomatoes on mixed greens with cilantro vinagrette, yum!), I felt like I was going to vomit because my stomach was so full.  We definitely didn't need the calamari appetizer...  Everything was amazing though!

Did anyone else do anything fun this fine evening?


Anonymous said...

You look AMAZING Ashley. Cannot believe the change over the past few months! And I'm totally digging the detail on the back of your shirt.

Jami Nato said...

skinner minners.

The Bignon Family said...

Work it girl! You look awesome!!

Faith said...

love your outfit! you look amazing!