August 21, 2011

a week in my life - sunday

Today I'm throwing you into an entire week of my life.  I hope I don't bore you all to death :o).  But in a few years I know I'll love reading it, so I hope for now it occupies a few of you.


6:07AM:  I wake up to Ryann rolling around in her crib.  She is relatively entertaining in the morning, saying all sorts of weird things, or counting.  I take my time getting up, grabbing my workout gear and getting dressed.  I've been trying to leave her in her crib until 6:30, no matter what time she wakes up.  Eventually I poke my head into her room and get an enthusiastic 'Hi Mommy!'  She flails around in her crib for a bit, before I finally just grab her.  After a quick diaper change we head out to the family room to play with the new puzzle Grandma 'Nita brought over.

7:00AM:  Good morning Daddy!  We never let him sleep very late (although, 7:00 is pretty good when your alarm is usually going of at 5, in my opinion anyway).  It's breakfast time.  Ry and I both have peanut butter toast, she has a side of blueberries, I have a side of vitamins.  This is my workout fuel breakfast, so I don't eat a ton.  No need to have a full tummy when I'm about to run!  After breakfast Chris plays with Ryann for a little bit while I clean up the dishes, make our bed and finish getting ready for the gym.


7:53AM:  Chris loads Ryann into the car and we are off.  When we get to the childcare center Ryann is of course, the first kid in there.  And it is a guy we usually don't see working, so I'm a little worried Ryann isn't going to do very well.  But she handles is like a champ and plays happily the whole time we're there.  Actually they told me she tried to escape twice, whatever that means... My workout today consisted of a 4.5 mile run (plus a two minute warm-up walk, and a fifteen minute walk when I was finished).  I finished my run in 42 minutes!  It felt great.  After that I did some core work, stretched a bit, grabbed Ryann from the child care center and headed back home.

9:40AM:  Apparently while we were gone Chris made a pretty big dent in our weekend to-do list (really more of a to-clean list).  Thanks hubby!  Chris sits down with Ryann for snack time (red grapes and a graham cracker), while I make myself some scrambled egg whites.  A side of red grapes for me as well.  After snack I switch the laundry, and eventually throw on some non sweaty clothes.  Yes, a shower would have been good, but I have plans for one in the evening.

10:42AM:  We all hop in the car and head over to check out Trader Joe's.  Wait, is it really almost 11?  Shoot, I guess this won't be a long outing.  When we get there we realize several people have the same idea as us, just wandering aimlessly around the place.  I wouldn't say I was overwhelmed exactly, but we really ended up with just snacks.  And an avocado, because I wanted to recreate the salad I had last night for dinner.

this is the 'hey give me your camera' face, and don't you just love her giant bug bites?  oy.

11:30AM:  Home again, and of course it is time to try out the snacks we just bought.  Some chocolate covered chip crisps (just eh), dark chocolate covered almonds (I think I like the ones from Archer Farms better), sweet potato chips (pretty good!), and chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels (omg I die, so good.  whoever suggested those, I love you and hate you all at the same time).  After all the taste testing, I plug the items in to my calorie counter app, and realize I blew through 300 calories in less than 15 minutes.  I had thought about eating the leftover soup I got at dinner last night (chicken pasta soup, so good), but now a salad is definitely the better choice.


12:00PM:  Time for lunch!  Ryann has some chicken tenders, corn and a mixed fruit cup, Chris eats my leftover soup and some left over chili from Whole Foods, and I have a delicious salad.  A baby spinach mix with tomatoes, avocado a tiny bit of chicken and the cilantro vinagrette leftover from dinner the night before.  Seriously, I can't get enough of avocados lately.  I don't like to eat them by themselves, but in salads, on chicken, guacomole?  Amazingness.  After we all finish eating it is time to get Ryann ready for a nap.  I change her diaper, read her a couple stories, and put her in her crib.  After that, a quick sweep of the house to put away all the junk that is laying around,  and a speedy clean up of the kitchen.

1:00PM:  Ryann is sleeping, so I'm on my computer.  Pretty typical.  I read a few blog posts, and then get settled trying to come up with a new blog design/layout.  I so wish I knew how to write code for blogs.  I can put together exactly what I want in photoshop, but I have no idea how to implement it on an actual working blog.


3:14PM:  There is a little one wiggling around in her crib.  Chris and I put away what we were doing, go to the bathroom (because you can't do that while she is napping, lame), and he heads in to Ryann's room.  I start getting snack ready.  Apparently all we do in this house is eat.  So it seems anyway... Ryann has watermelon and goldfish, I have watermelon and half a sandwich thin spread with Trader Joe's Tomato Basil Hummus.  Seriously?  Best hummus I think I've had.  Thank you for that suggestion as well.  After snack I start tackling the rest of our to-do list... cleaning Chris's bathroom, mopping the kitchen, finishing up laundry.

5:28PM:  I grab Ryann and plop her on my bed among the MOUNTAIN of clean clothes, and turn on Nick Jr., with hopes of putting the clothes away.  In the meantime Chris starts prepping dinner, however shortly after starting he asks me where the chicken breasts are.  Errr... crap.  We've been to three different grocery stores in the last three days and I forgot to buy chicken every time.  Thankfully we had some packaged frozen breasts in the freezer, so he can make do.  Ryann of course decides she doesn't want to sit still, so the laundry will have to wait.  Instead we read books and color.


6:36PM:  After dinner we decide to take a walk to the park.  We play a little bit, but Ryann just seems uninterested and a little tired, so we head back home.  I attempt the laundry again.  This time there is some sort of Dora show on with excessive amounts of singing.  Apparently it is captivating so I can quickly finish up the laundry.  Then it is time for a bath and the rest of the bedtime routine (pajamas, lotion, milk, books and bed).


7:49PM:  Ryann is in her crib, so I hop in the shower.  Then I end up where else?  In front of my computer.  I read a couple blogs, before working on my weekly phone pic recap.  At some point I take a quick break for some ice cream.  An absolute must of course.

9:37PM:  Chris is heading to bed, so I lay with him for a bit, and play on my laptop while waiting for my hair to dry a bit more.  Finally I wrap it up in a headband to attempt some no heat curls.

11:43PM:  Lights out!  Ugh, past my bedtime.  I usually aim to be asleep by 11, Chris's alarm goes off way too early.


I'll be back tomorrow with a look at my Monday!


The Ingrams said...

Not sure if I was the only one to suggest those chocolate peanut butter pretzels, but if so, I'm sorry! I completely understand the love/hate relationship!! I have to hide them from myself... Glad you've found a few things you like at TJs though.

Mrs. Brewer said...

I'm not sure if you received my email or not, but I wanted to let you know I told my husband, who is a web designer, about your Photoshop/HTML problem. He said that since you are my favorite blog to read he would be willing to cut you a pretty sweet deal...