August 16, 2011

getting spoiled + awkward zebras

Chris's schedule this week blows, yet again, so Ryann and I are spending a few days being spoiled rotten by Grammy.  For reals.  We got to go shopping at Target.  She cooks us lots of delicious food (get excited for the recipes I'm going to share on Friday!).  She keeps us company.  Grammy rocks.  Ry ry just loves her Grammy.

Grammy does have a tendency to frown, or talk the entire time I take pictures, and we all know taking decent pictures of an active toddler is never easy, so this is one of the best ones I got lately.  Whatever, we will go with it.


Since I'm too busy being spoiled to write up a well thought out post, I decided I'd just continue my recent trend of making a fool of myself.  Just watch this video.  You'll understand.

Ryann loves to ask me what various animals say.  Ducky say?  Kitty cat say?  Monkey say?  Sunday night she threw in zebra.  I have no idea what exactly a zebra says, so I sort of went with an awkward horse impression.  With some crazy head action.  Apparently it was pretty funny.  Before we got out the camera she was laughing so so hard.  It was great.

I may look like a fool, but I make my kid happy, right? 


Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

Zebras pretty much do sound like an awkward horse! Great job!

My husband was trying to get me to do animal noises for our daughter the other day and he threw in Koala. I answered with "G'day, Mate!" He conceded the win to me.

B Walker said...

That video is SO cute!! I love it.

Erin said...

My MIL is always really awkward when the camera comes out - and she never looks and smiles so it's hard to get good pics of her and Annie together, even though I know she wants them. It's weird. It's like she's sabotaging herself on the camera for some reason?

Ali Rockwell said...

She is so cute. This video is awesome :) It will make for a very entertaining home movie when she's older I'm sure.

Karis Brandes said...

I can't believe she's the same age as my daughters. Her vocabulary is AMAZING! She's so cute!!

Sarah said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! Let me know when you get back. Checked out other Monkey Bizness today and I like it a lot more. Closer to you too!

Joi said...

That video put the biggest smile on my face! Your little family is too cute.