August 1, 2011

barbara sucks

I've got tons of stuff swimming around in my head for this weeks mcfatty post.  BUT, first, Blair will no longer be writing mcfatty monday.  Why?  Because right now, writing those posts is no longer contributing to a healthy lifestyle for her.  And I 100% commend her for knowing when enough is enough.  The best thing to do in life, is to assess what is working, and what isn't, what makes you happy, and what doesn't, and from there get rid of the bad and pull in more of the good.  I've been trying to focus on that a lot lately.

Moving on.  So six weeks ago I published my progress photos.  It was terrifying and rewarding all at the same time.  That day I was determined to meet my first weight loss goal by today.  Unfortunately, it didn't happen.  I've still got 1.4 pounds to go to make that goal.  I realized last Monday, that this would be my six week mark, and I was incredibly disappointed and embarrassed to tell you that I failed.  But the truth of the matter, is that I lost four pounds over the last six weeks.  It may not be what I was looking for, but it is still progress.  And I realized that over the last six weeks, ok the last five months, I have achieved so much more.

Three times a week I am running 3+ miles, without really giving it a second thought.  Umm, do you remember when I first started C25K?  Those first few weeks were brutal.  I keep thinking I was never meant to be a 'runner'.  In May I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to run an entire 5K.  But I did it.  In July I showed up for a 10K, fully intending to walk part of it.  But I ran the whole thing, in 59 minutes.  Now?  Now I am tentatively training for a half marathon.

Over the past five months I have lost 31 pounds.  Are you kidding me?  I've been reading through all my mcfatty posts up until now, and my very first goal that I set when I wrote my post to keep myself accountable, was to lose 25 pounds.  I did that.  Plus six.  (As a side note, I've also been reading back through the comments you all have left me, and was in tears because of how supportive everyone has been.  Thank you so so SO much.)

I've still got a long way to go, to getting to a place where I am happy.  Not weight wise necessarily, but mentally.  I'm still struggling to find a balance with my eating.  I'll do great one week, and then I feel completely deprived of the food I love and indulge way to much the next.  Which is definitely part of the reason it has taken me so long to lose these last pounds.  So right now I am focusing on some new fitness goals, working on finding balance in my food and eating habits (I'll post on that in a couple weeks or so), and aiming to hopefully hit that first goal weight by September 1st.  If you don't remember my reward for making my goal, is a nice pair of jeans.  It's not like I'll be needing jeans anytime soon, seeing as the heat index is currently 107.  Gag.  30 days to lose two pounds.  Surely I can manage that.  But on to my other goals...

  1. do an unassisted pull-up
  2. do 20 regular push-ups (Meredith, you inspired that one!)
  3. run a half marathon
Stupid pull-ups.  My senior year of college I took a weights class and a strength and conditioning class two semesters straight.  But as much as I tried I could never manage to do one freaking unassisted pull-up.  It was always one of the beginning/ending of class tests, and every time I would just hang from the stupid bar like a dork, struggling with everything that I had to barley budge an inch.  I wasn't the only one, but that is beside the fact.  But the end of the year I was doing 15 reps of assisted pull-ups, with only 15 pounds assistance, but for the life of me could never do ONE unassisted.  My teacher was baffled.  So was I.  So... I'm not sure it is an attainable goal, but I'm keeping it there anyway.

A little over a week ago, Meredith posted a picture of her doing a real push-up.  No knees on the ground, nothing.  She mentioned that she couldn't necessarily drop and give you 20, but that she is working on it.  It made me think that I wanted to be able to do that, drop and give you 20 if someone asked.  Right now I can do maybe three real ones, and they probably aren't perfect form either.  So that is something I'm aiming for.

Above I said I am tentatively training for a half marathon.  I say tentatively, not because I'm unsure whether I want to do it or not, but I'm not 100% sure on when/if we are going to be able to make it happen.  My friend is running the San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll half in November.  I would LOVE to do it with her.  But Chris can't take time off.  So it would mean either leaving Ryann with my parents, or my mom and Ryann coming with me.  I'd prefer the latter.  Well see if I can swing that one, or if I need to find a different race.  There is one close to home, but of course it is a weekend we've decided to be out of town.  And I think it is more fun to sign up for a race with a friend :o).

How am I planning to accomplish these goals?  I'm using Hal Higdon's novice training schedule as a base for my running.  For my strength training I am trying out crossfit.  Which brings me to Barbara. 

I've been slightly nervous in the weights area at the gym.  I'm a paranoid person in general, and I'm terrified I'll look like a fool.  So I begged my dad for an early Christmas gift.  And he graciously obliged, and got me 8 half hour personal training sessions from my gym.  No, my trainer's name is Barbara.  It's Shelby actually.  Barbara would be the workout we did today.  20 pull-ups (assisted of course), 30 push-ups (modified, of course), 40 sit-ups (feet locked under the treadmill), and 50 air squats (no weights, just squatting).  The goal is to do five rounds as fast as you can.  I umm, made it through three in the allotted time.  And my arms were so exhausted that I could barely lift Ryann into her carseat.

Throughout the rest of my sessions, Shelby is going to go through some of the crossfit exercises with me, helping me learn the terms and form, and hopefully getting me comfortable in the male dominated weights section of the gym.  (Seriously, the TV's in front of the cardio equipment are turned to things like Ellen and such, the TV's in front of the weights are on ESPN.  To tell you the truth I prefer the ESPN...).  After that I'll be on my own!

Whew, that turned out to be quite the long post.  Whoops, sorry.  :o)  Happy Monday!


Meredith said...

You have made GREAT progress so far girl!!

And heck yes for the push-ups/pull-up. I felt the same way about push-ups that you feel about pull-ups, lol. You can do it--you've got it. As far as the push-ups go, have you checked out If not, you totally should!

Amy said...

Hi I am Sarah's sister (the nanny of the twins) and I just love reading your blog!! I am also training for my first half marathon and I still freak out whenever I say that, ha! If you are looking for a good half close to KC, the Prairie Fire half in Wichita(October 9th) is a great one to do!! The course isn't too tough and there is TONS of support along the entire race course. Keep up the good work, it doesn't matter what that scale says, I think you look great!

Christa said...

Awesome! I think you should totally do a half marathon. I only began really running last year and have done 3, and have one more scheduled for this year.

Sharstin said...

Wow chick, so many amazing accomplishments, way to go! You are a rock star! You shoulld definitely do a half, so much fun, and I love cross fit, it is fantastic.

Kelly said...

Good for you lady! You are such an inspiration. I started doing C25k after I found your post about it and now I'm able to run 2+ miles without stopping! I hated, hated, hated running but all of a sudden it's not so bad and I actually want to get out there! I am doing my first 5k at the end of August. Thanks for all your posts and for helping all of us stay accountable too!

Dani Durand said...

Running a half marathon is so rewarding! When I did my first half marathon I also used Hal Higdon's novice training program. I thought it did a good job of preparing me for the race! It is good to see you every now and then at the gym!

Anonymous said...

you have made wonderful progress and you are so close to your goal!