August 5, 2011

this and that {and the giveaway winner!}

::  Sorry.  I know I said I'd have a winner for you this morning.  I didn't get it done.  Whoops, sorry.  But without further aiedu, the winner of the SallyLovesWyatt giveaway is...

Congrats Amy!  Leave me your e-mail and I will get you all squared away!

::  Yesterday and today I have had a sore throat.  Not the swollen feels kind of like a sore muscle one, but just incredibly scratchy.  What gives?  It is driving me nuts.  On top of that, I pretty much feel like I've been hit by a bus.  My arms are still sore from Monday's workout.  My legs are sore from Wednesday's workout, and since they were sore I ran faster than I wanted to through 3 miles yesterday just to get it over with.  And I've been staying up so that I can see Chris when he gets home, and then waking up when he leaves (because we all know I'm a morning insomniac).  I'm just feeling incredibly drained.  So I should be taking a nap instead of blogging, but I can't.  I don't know why.

::  I got an e-mail just a bit ago informing me of the orientation for Ry's mother's day out program, and that the first day of 'class' is August 25th.  And then I had a mini panic attack.  Am I doing the right thing?  She is only 16 months old.  She is too little to go to 'school'.  What if she is miserable?  What if she gets hurt?  Yadda yadda yadda... I know it is only one day a week.  It is only 7 hours out of the day (no one near our home offered just a morning program that I know of).  Hopefully part of which she is napping.  She is doing GREAT in the gym daycare (the other day they asked if they could keep her because she was so much fun :o).  

It will be good for me to have a day that I can focus on my stuff.  Have time to schedule invitation consultations, actually get work done, vacuum without her crying because she is scared of the stupid thing.  I think it is great for her to socialize with other kiddos, and to step out of the comfort zone of our home a bit.  But I'm still freaking out.  I know that if in a couple months one of us isn't digging it, I can just pull her.  But AHHHHHHH!  My baby!  Whew.

::  Nutella calls to me from pinterest everyday.  Seriously...  Wish I had a party to plan, or something or someone to bake these for, so that I could try one!



Kate said...

My daughter has been going to daycare 3x a week since she was 14 weeks old, and she loves it! She loves interacting with the other girls at school and whenever we're out shopping, she waves at other kids. I think the socialization piece is really important to a child's development... and remember, it's always going to be worse for you. Ry will love it, even if you don't :-) It may take a while for her to warm up to the other kids/teacher since she's a bit older, but she will. It's good for her!

Amy B said...

I am so excited!!! Email is seriously I never win anything! Yay!!!

Sandy said...

I cried the first time I left my son (at ten months), and I called my best friend, who told me that I should cry. He is my baby, but she also told me that I was doing the right thing. And, she was totally right. I needed the time to recharge, and he needed the break from me too.

Now, he goes to daycare five days a week for about 7 hours a day, and he loves it. I don't feel like he is there all the time, but I do get a break and a chance to work (I work from home). Best part, I am super close by, so if he needs me, I can be right there.

You are doing the right thing! From what you have described, Chris isn't around as much to help, and this will give you the break you need to be the best mom possible the rest of the week!