August 19, 2011

this and that

::  First off, I owe you a giveaway winner, don't I?  The winner of the owl hat from Odd Duck Creations is...


Congrats Melissa!  If you get my your contact information, I'll pass it along to Karis.

::  My house is a DISASTER.  Seriously.  A bomb must have exploded in every room.  Every single room needs to be picked up and cleaned.  But I don't really know where to start.  So I'm just ignoring it.  Great solution to the problem right?

::  My child does deer in the headlights well, am I right?  But her pretty little eyes make it all good.  The question is color, or black and white?  (It would probably be an easier decision if I actually figured out how to process a pretty black & white...)  I've been going through photos, and going black & white usually helps hide the fact that my exposure is sometimes off, but I have this weird consistency issue, where it bothers me when some photos are in black & white, and some are in color.  I don't know why...


::  I used to drink a TON of orange juice.  Then when I started trying to lose weight I only drank 4oz a day to cut back on calories.  Now I don't drink any, because I'd much rather eat my calories, and it is a struggle to get me to drink enough water as it is.  There is a good size jug of orange juice in my fridge that is going to go bad.  Anyone have any semi healthy recipes that use orange juice?  Or not so healthy ones (Chris prefers those anyway)?  I don't want to make smoothies, and that is pretty much ALL I got back from, besides this recipe, which I think Ry and I are going to make after nap time.

::  Ry and I might also need to take a trip to the dollar store.  Did you see Jami's DIY cake plate?  I love it.  And I have a cake plate obsession.  What an easy way to get some more pretty ones!

::  I HATE HATE HATE coming up with Halloween costumes.  I can't wait to dress Ry up, I'm incredibly excited for that.  But I don't know what she should be.  Plus I want the three of us to coordinate for some Halloween parties.  And the costume can't rely heavily on a hat or head piece or anything, since we all know she won't wear one.  Any suggestions?

::  Saw this on pinterest the other day.  Love it.  Some people (including my husband) seriously have no idea how amazing it feels to pee without a toddler shoving a book in your face and telling you to read it. 

That's all I have for now!


Whit said...

Ok, so they don't call for MUCH orange juice, but these chicken fingers are delicious.

I've made them quite a few times and I never get sick of them! Plus, they're baked. Can't be that bad, right?

Megan said...

My house is the same way. I tend to leave and ignore it a LOT. Then we all run out of clean underwear.

I just found this site I was using orange juice to take my vitamins then I realized how much sugar and carbs it counted as. Eek!

Halloween...hmm...what about Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinkerbell? Hook, Pan, and Tink? Or....Wizard of Oz? Will she do piggy tails? She could be Dorothy.

I love the black and white picture but her eyes are better in color ;) And I also have the I wanna pee alone pinned on Pinterest :D

Faith said...

her eyes are amazing! i would want her all in color because of how gorgeous her eyes are! :)

ahhh, so excited for Halloween too ... can't believe we can start thinking about Halloween!

Meredith said...

I've seen a ton of chicken marinades that use orange juice. You could even stick some chicken in the freezer in the marinade so you don't have to eat it all at once!

christa said...

i use to drink tons of oj until I joined WW and realized how many points/calories/carbs it was. Now I save it for going out to breakfast or Sundays.

Kim3278 said...

This doesn't use a lot of orange juice either and I only make this recipe at Christmas. My husband calls it Christmas crack. :) It is really very good and my kids love it!!

Kristal said...

Ditto the pp who said use the orange juice as a marinade. I used to make a salmon recipe that marinated in a mixture of OJ, soy sauce, and honey. So good! I haven't made it in forever...I think I need to change that. :)

Meg said...

Your quote from Pinterest totally cracked me up!

Sharstin said...

Ah man, I am thinking Halloween too, always tough! Love the colored pict:) and I loved jami's plate,