August 13, 2011

week in iphone pics

This week I wasn't as good about taking pictures.  Don't worry, I still have plenty, but I didn't bust out the iphone as often as I usually do.  Probably because I was trying to document the week with my big camera as well.  Sheesh, that was exhausting!


Sunday started out with a not too shabby treadmill workout, if I do say so myself.  We ventured to Trader Joe's, Ryann wasn't quite sure what to think.  But she was tired on the way home, so I played peek-a-boo with her on the way home so she would stay awake.  And no, I wasn't driving.  And just some fuzzes catching.  That's all.


We snuck in a walk between rain clouds.  Ryann of course just wanted my phone.  She wanted to wear headbands!!!!!!  For like five seconds.  Whatever.  Xpedx, a perfectly child friendly playground, no?  Smile for daddy?  Oh, ok, just yell at the phone.  That's nice.  It was quite the girly day, first headbands, and then she wanted to wear necklaces?  "SO PRETTY!"  Somebody didn't take a nap.  So somebody passed out in the car.


Apparently she doesn't love to smile for her daddy.  Rude Ryann, rude.  Shocked that Grammy is going to buy her a box with 52 whole pieces of chalk.  Pretty sure that made her week.  As did the Old Navy dog.  He was pretty awesome too.  Lately Ryann brings me shoes to wear.  And if I don't put on what she brings me, she gets real mad.  So I walk around the house in one of my tennis shoes and one of Chris's flip flops.  Oy.


Can you guess what I asked her to do in the first one?  Smile for Daddy?  Yep.  Closer?  We went to the grocery store, Ryann was mad that I wouldn't let her eat the melts until we paid for them.  And when this girl wants milk, you better give her milk, or else.  She told me to push a button, so I did, with my foot.  And now that is the only way you should push buttons on the laptop of course.


I think this was our best morning 'picture for daddy' all week.  In her rather vibrant pajamas of course.  We hit up a splash park with some friends.  Lots of fun.  Ryann wanted the kitty to go down the slide.  It didn't work, she was sad.  Just checking herself out in the dressing room at Sports Authority.  Mama needed a new running top of course (and I had a $10 off coupon, that I used on a $19 top.  Score).


Someone was extra cozy watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates while I did my hair.  Snack in the car.  It's what we do.  Tortilla pizza is kinda scary I guess, but she did eat it!  Tough to see but she had some crazy nap hair.  I love crazy nap hair.


More snack in the car.  Oh how I love this little girl.  Even when she is a little strange and doing things like kissing the driveway.  Or praying to the sidewalk chalk Gods.  I'm not sure which.  What?  You don't suck on your toes while you watch Diego?  Oh, oh this.  This is the best 'smile for daddy' picture of the week.  She must hate the camera that much.  Just a little photo shoot before bedtime.

This week was a good week.  Nothing crazy exciting happened, but it just worked.  I feel like Ry and I have really hit our stride.  We have a routine.  We plan some fun things.  We relax and play.  We miss daddy like crazy when he is at work, but us girls?  We have a good time together.

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Erin said...

Annie has been super into bringing us shoes for awhile now, and also gets pissed if we don't put them on :) I love the "smile for Daddy" pics - I usually get a blank stare, or just not even looking at the camera at all, when I try those :)

amy@agoodlife said...

parker brings me shoes to wear too! except he really loves to bring me heels. weird?