August 28, 2011

week in iphone pics

The quantity of photos I took this week varied a bit (A TON) from day to day.  It is of course really bothering the OCD side of me.  Grrrr....


Apparently all that happened on Sunday, was Ry stealing my Camelbak and a trip to Whole Foods.  Whoa exciting life :o).  Well, we did go to the gym too.  BAM.  We rock!  Ha ha.


A little playdate with JT.  It looks like they were playing together, but the only reason this was happening, is because Ry hadn't realized he was pushing her yet.  Dear Lord, please please PLEASE let the last few teeth come in soon.  Or give me a different reason for this hand chewing crabbiness.  Spoons are funny.  We went to Target for a variety of things.  Ryann wouldn't let this bag of marshmallows out of her hands the entire trip.  Or for another half hour after we got home.  I failed at taking a picture of the two of us during an evening bike ride.


We've been working on our 'sad' face.  It cracks me up every time.  I was feeling crazy (ha!) so I attempted to french braid my hair.  I can not for the life of me do it right, my braids are always inside out!  Ryann took a long nap, and didn't want to get out of her crib.  She rolled around and played for 40 minutes after she woke up.  She has taken to making Simon play peek-a-boo, super cute.  I failed at hiding a new book (Panda Bear Panda Bear) for our upcoming road trip, and Ry made us read it probably six times in a row.


Ry made Simon and Mickey sleep together.  She loves to play with stuff animals and characters these days.  She ate lunch in the kitchen, while I attempted to cook up a little egg white pesto sandwich.  The bread didn't really work with it though...  At 3:30pm my to-do list wasn't looking so hot.  But Ry and I worked to remmedy that situation after nap.  She helped me bake these (which really mean licking peanut butter off the spatula).  I had to make a late night Target run for a friend, and decided since I was there, alone, and no one else was around, I'd just do some browsing.


Hard to tell in this picture, but Ry thought washing her hands before her first day of MDO was super fun.  For lunch I tried my egg white pesto combo in a whole wheat tortilla.  SO GOOD.  Road trip time!  Our just under three hour drive to Omaha ended up taking over four thanks to all the flooding around I-29.  Ry slept for a bit, but we had to find creative ways to entertain ourselves for nearly 3 hours.


Ry has been obsessed with yogurt these days (not necessarily a bad thing!) and loved having it for breakfast.  We took a trip to the Omaha Zoo, Ryann LOVED the aquarium and all the fishes and sharks!  Stickers are apparently the coolest thing since sliced bread.  And my cousin's adorable almost two year old daughter has some mad skills.


Another day where I failed to take iphone pics.  We had a lots of fun little adventures, but I only captured some great sunglasses action.  Love that she is slowly but surely starting to take to accessories.  So much fun!

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Erin said...

Hi Ashely,

You commented on my blog, about a week in day post, but needed my email

Faith said...

i love the french braid on you!

Dana said...

Hey Ashley, Does Ry have smaller/shorter bumpers in her crib? Just wondering b/c we are currently rolling up blankets for Noah's crib b/c he likes the padding but will soo climb up on taller just wondering where ya got them???