August 22, 2011

a week in my life - monday

I apparently did a terrible job of taking pictures throughout the day.  Oops...


5:00AM:  Boo.  Chris's alarm is going off.  I wish I was better at tuning things out when I'm trying to sleep, but I'm not.  So I toss and turn for a while, but when he leaves around 5:30 I'm up for good.  Ryann wakes up for a little bit right after he leaves as well, but thankfully she goes back to sleep.  I try and write a blog post, but who on Earth writes posts that early in the morning?  It didn't work out.

6:27AM:  Ryann is up for the day.  I make the bed, go to the bathroom, finish waking myself up, etc. before heading in to get her.  She is apparently full of sass this morning.


7:03AM:  Yum, breakfast time!  My training session isn't until this afternoon, so I get to have a larger than usual breakfast, scrambled egg whites, toast with strawberry jam and blueberries.  Ry has peanut butter toast, yogurt melts and blueberries.  While she is finishing up her breakfast, I start unloading the dishwasher.  After a bit she pretends to help me, but then runs off, so I am left trying to quickly put dishes away here and there while running back and forth between the family room and the kitchen, making sure she doesn't climb up on anything crazy or something like that.  We play in the family room, read some books, color, the usual.  I work on my no heat curls.


8:10AM:  Slowly but surely Ry and I start getting ready for the day.  It has been gloomy out this morning, but after checking the weather on my phone it looks like we might have time to squeeze in a walk before it starts raining again.  I throw on my sneakers and put Ry in the stroller.  She chats with her 'buddies' for a while (Little People toys) and then all the sudden she is really upset.  I don't have a single clue, but she says 'home' more than once, so that is where we head.

9:32AM:  Despite several requests from the little miss, we do not stay outside on the soaking wet driveway to draw with chalk.  Instead we head in for a snack.  Grapes, string cheese and chocolate covered almonds for me, grapes and a graham cracker for Ry.  We head to Ry's room to get her dressed, and she decides she wants to play with some headbands.  Squeeee!  I'm so excited.  She won't leave them on longer than five seconds, but the fact that she wants to try them all on is definitely a step in the right direction.


10:20AM:  Ry really wants to color, but I really want to run and pick up some envelopes before it starts raining again.  I agree to a few more 'draw this' requests before scooping her up and sticking her in the car.  Off to Xpedx we go!  We grab some envelopes and cardstock, and Ry carries the goodies to the register for me.  And then proceeds to try and escape out the front door.  Love me some toddler wrangling while attempting to sign a receipt.  We head back home, for you guessed it, more coloring, books and toys.

11:30AM:  I get the oven heating up and finish cleaning the kitchen from breakfast while Ry throws half the books of her shelves.  Good times.  For lunch Ryann has veggie tots, salmon stix and a fruit cup.  For me it is leftovers from last night's dinner.  We read a couple books before I lay Ry down in her crib.

12:21PM:  Somebody is not acting all that sleepy, and a wee bit cranky... I quickly clean up from lunch, and settle in front of my computer to finish up some ad design work.  Once I e-mail off a proof, I read a few blog posts.  But Ryann still isn't sleeping.  And she isn't exactly laying calmly either.  Since she hasn't pooped yet today I decide to check on her, usually she won't go to sleep if she has a dirty diaper.  But that isn't the problem, so I tell her to lay down and go to sleep.  Apparently that wasn't what she wanted to hear, because after I close her door she is crying uncontrollably.  I give her another ten minutes before checking on her again. 

1:14PM:  Something is just off, even though Ry isn't usually quiet about going to sleep, she rarely gets upset anymore.  I cross my fingers, and hope laying in bed with Nick Jr. on will make her zonk out.  All I succeed in doing is making myself tired, Ry on the other hand perks up like crazy and can't seem to sit still.  So I guess a nap isn't in the cards for us today?  Ridiculous.

2:00PM:  In the family room Ryann slips on some beads and declares herself 'sooo pretty'.  YES!  More girliness happening!  My heart is bursting with happiness :o).  We spend a good deal of time taking necklaces on and off, counting them, talking about the colors, and just having a great time.  Again, she won't wear the necklaces for any length of time, but people we are so making progress in the girly department.  We have a snack, mango and goldfish for Ryann, half a sandwich thin with hummus for me.  It is about time to head out the door for the gym, but I get a text asking for a couple of edits on the ad I e-mailed out.  I scramble to get it done and we are out the door.


3:18PM:  Surprise surprise, Ryann passes out on the way to the gym.  I had intended to do a little cardio before my session with the trainer, so instead I spend 20 minutes playing on my phone while Ryann gets in a little nap.  When I do get her out of the car she looks like a hot mess, one side of her head got SO sweaty, and her curls are super crazy, not to mention all the bug bites she has right now look ridiculous.  As I was setting her down in the child center I realize she is only wearing one shoe.  Crap.  Where did that stupid thing go?  I do find it, all the way back in the car.  I still manage to make it upstairs on time for my session.  I follow that up with 20 minutes on the elliptical before getting Ryann and heading home.

5:22PM:  When I am getting Ry out of the car, all she wants to do is color with sidewalk chalk.  I put in a text to the daddy, since my instructions were to be inside... Ry and I have both been getting covered in bug bites the last couple of days.  I convince him we will be fine, lather us up with some bug repellent and grab the off fan.  Some sidewalk chalk and bubbles until daddy comes home, to one very sticky messy baby :o).


6:03PM:  Dinnertime!  We are totally taking the easy route, microwave meals all around.  Chris tried a pesto tortellini bowl from Trader Joe's, eh.  Nothing exciting.  I had a Healthy Choice Steamer, rosemary chicken and sweet potatoes.  It is a pretty good one.  Everyone enjoys a little bit of watermelon as well.  Yum.

why does she look scary when she's eating watermelon? 
a little post dinner crack.  reason #937 my kid shouldn't be left without pants on.

6:43PM:  Chris plays with Ry while I get the kitchen all nice and tidy.  When I'm done I join them for some wrestling in the bed.  Ryann loves to play in our bed all the time.  Eventually we decide it is time for a bath, since a little someone didn't really sleep much today.


7:37PM:  Ryann is in bed, so I hit the computer for some serious blogging.  First I whip up a post about how crossfit is going for me, and then for some reason, I let my tired brain write a post about my hair.  Ridiculous?  Yes.

9:11PM:  Nightly ice cream break.  Seriously, break a few pretzels in your frozen yogurt.  You'll thank me.  I put the finishing touches on my hair post before heading to bed to snuggle with Chris.  When he drifts off I get lost on pinterest.  I do so love wasting my time on pinterest. 

10:51PM:  Whoot!  Lights out before 11:00.  Go me!


Stephanie said...

Hahahaa! Love the "post dinner crack" pic!

I love these day in the life posts, I'm always so interested in what other people do with their days. I especially appreciate that you mentioned what you fed Ryann for meals/snacks. I'm always looking for suggestions as to what in the heck to feed a toddler! We try to stick to the same thing we're eating as much as we can, but you know, it's not always possible for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

Im so glad to know that our little girl isnt the only one that refuses to keep a bow in her hair:) I thought we seemed to be the only parents that couldnt put a bow in her hair.

Loving the day in the life series makes me think about doing it myself.