August 29, 2011

steppin' out saturday

I'm feeling really behind right now (Steppin' Out Saturday, posted on a Monday night, yeah...).  I've got a list of 7+ blog posts I want to write.  A giant pile of laundry in my basement.  Tons of photos to edit.  Floors to clean.  Food to make.  Plus things I want to craft.  Books I want to read.  My head is spinning.  I need about 10 more hours a day per day for the next week.  That would be wonderful.

Saturday evening we headed to a little post golf tournament dinner gathering with my dad's side of the family.  My family is so cool that we have our own golf tournament (that I don't ever play in, because I hate golf).  You are so jealous right now.  My aunt Nancy won, but she is trying to act like she shouldn't have because she played from the women's tees.  Whatever Nancy, what are the women's tees for then?

dress:  target
belt:  kohl's
shoes you can't really see:  steve madden
earrings you probably can't see either:  francesca's forever ago

onesie:  carter's
vest:  old navy
skirt:  gap outlet
adorable pink polka dot shoes that are missing:  pedipeds

nice face ry, is it one of your modeling looks?

Photo editing should not be an item on my to-do list that I work on right now.  I'm apparently not being very consistent tonight...

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ashley (redonk runner) said...

absolutely adorable outfit!!!!

Lynsey said...

Look at you, miss skinny! I love your dress. And Ryann is beyond adorable!

Mrs. D said...

you are a HOT momma!! LOOOVE your's & Ry's outfits. P.s, I hate golf too :)

Lindsay said...

Hot momma! I'm usually a lurker on here, but I love your blog and you are doing such an amazing job with your new lifestyle change. You have inspired me to work on myself more now that DS is almost 5 months. It's been long enough and I need to focus on my health, mind and body. Great job and love your outfit!

Ashley said...

I love your dress!! And you look so good:) btw her facial expressions crack me up all the time. She's so adorable.

Mason's Mama said...

You look amazing!! Great job on all of your hard work. And Ry is just too too too precious. I love her outfit.

Sharstin said...

ah you guys look so cute~ love your dress!