August 7, 2011

week in iphone pics

Whew.  I'm so glad this week is over.  It was rather exhausting.  But we managed to have some fun!


Well, I wanted to send Chris a smiley baby picture.  I was trying to teach her to smile for the camera.  This is the best I got...  Ry and I were doing laundry downstairs and she spotted this toy.  We had put it away because she kept tipping it over/falling over with it.  But she wouldn't come upstairs unless it came with, so it did.  Just waiting to taste some peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread muffins, yum!  I was bored so I put some wings on Ry, she wasn't amused.  Eating with a fork and a spoon at the same time, pretty ambitious.  I traumatized Ry with the food processor trying to make banana ice cream, so I let her watch a little Nick Jr.  Doesn't she look pathetic?


Rocked my 3.5 mile run.  Seriously, I dread it a bit from time to time, but I am loving running now.  Another attempt at a 'smile for daddy' picture, fail.  We went to an open gym where Ry got to crawl all over a bunch of mats and rode in a wagon with some of our little buddies.  She had a blast.  Later she insisted on sitting in the sink again, and about two seconds after I took this picture she figured out how to turn it on and soaked herself.  Oh and my plan to get her to like baking... letting her lick the beaters.  Worked like a charm.


Finally!  A super cute smile to send to daddy.  And this, well this is what I found when I went to get her after nap.  Note to self, the child does not get to sleep in just a diaper anymore.  Ry ate her snack in the bathroom so I could do my hair and make-up.  Another note to self, peanut butter crackers in the bathroom = bad idea, very messy!  Daddy surprised us by coming home early, since it was his birthday, and Ry pretended to share the rest of her snack with him.


I apparently forgot to shut the cabinet in my bathroom all the way.  Oops.  Ry wanted to share my apple with me, so I tried just giving it to her.  She didn't want to pick it up because it was cold and sticky, so this was her solution.  She did some light reading in the car (ok she just loves to look at all the numbers and letters!).  Baby with giant bubble wand = GIANT dirty sticky mess.  Especially when you include chalk.  Some bedtime hugs :o).


We met up with my friend from college at Panera for a little breakfast.  Ryann acted all goofy, but freaked out when I tried to take a picture of the two of them!  She hasn't exactly mastered putting sunglasses on by herself.  An epic trip to Target... all I bought were two bottles of vitamins that we needed, NOTHING ELSE!  I drew a fancy rainbow alphabet on the driveway.  The little miss was a little bit more than upset with me when we had to go inside for bath time.


 Ryann was thoroughly amused with putting her stacking cups on my toes.  Silly girl.  In general she is a very aggressive eater, mouth open super wide so she doesn't miss anything!  Chris and I snuck out for a little dinner date.  Isn't he handsome?  :o)  My happy little girl in the bath, check out those curls from the humidity.

AHHHH!  What happened to Sunday?  Oh nothing, I've just decided that it is better if I start my week on a Sunday, instead of end it, because then I can work on this post Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, instead of right before bed on Sunday.  I knew you were worried about it.

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Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Looks and sounds like such a fun week! Love all your fun photos! Thanks for your comment on our fam's blog-o! Much appreciated :))) Have a great week!

Faith said...

i love that she smiles for the camera! too cute!

Mrs. D said...

LOVE all of these pictures. Ry is such an expressive little chick! and the one picture of her in her crib with her butt hanging out is hilarious!!!!