August 23, 2011

a week in my life - tuesday

My current Tuesday could be an interesting one.  This morning I woke up to Chris setting off the motion detector as he was running around late for work...


5:26AM:  I wake up as Chris is heading out the door.  I consider trying to go back to sleep, but my mind is racing with random thoughts and ideas, as usual.  So I grab my computer, read a few blogs, and start typing out more of the week in my life posts (even though yesterday I learned it isn't a good idea to blog at 5:30 in the morning, oh well).

6:21AM:  Ryann wakes up and starts chatting to herself.  I seriously love being able to hear her in the mornings.  Sometimes she is counting.  Sometimes she is spouting off letters.  Sometimes it is a conversation with the owl mobile above her crib.  It is absolutely adorable.  Make the bed, go to the bathroom... WHOOOOOOT!  This morning when I stepped on the scale, I saw the number I'd been hoping to see for the last five months.  It feels amazing.  I know the scale isn't the only measure of my progress, but damn, it feels SO good to meet my goal.  I grab Ryann, we eat breakfast, and get ready to head out the door.

7:45AM:  On our way to the gym.  On the schedule today?  A 3.5 mile run.  Thankfully the miles go by pretty quickly.  I throw in 25 sit-ups so I can feel like I did something besides run, and then do some stretching. 

9:22AM:  We are back home again, and a few minutes later Grammy arrives!  Unfortunately Ryann gives her the cold shoulder in favor of a snack.  Sorry Grammy, food usually trumps everything.  I try an apple with some sunflower seed butter (eh, not impressed), while Ryann has blueberries, goldfish grahams, and then steals a piece of my apple.  I put on some non sweaty clothes and we head out the door for Sam's to stock up on essentials.

10:13AM:  We have plans to meet my bestie's mom for lunch at 11:30, and realize we aren't going to have enough time to go to Sam's, come home and head back out, so we make a quick U-turn so that I can grab what we need for lunch for Ry.  Then we head off to Hobby Lobby.  I need to grab a few things for my envelope project, and pick up a couple items that I need to do a couple of crafts I've been itching to try.  We have another 15 minutes to kill so we make a trip through Old Navy.  There are a couple of cute items, but I'm not all that impressed.  However Ryann is thrilled with the Old Navy dog manequin.


11:30AM:  A little lunch date with Sheryl.  I order the Caribbean Salad without the dried cherries and add on avocado... a salad essentially with chicken, tomato and avocado, hmmm, seems to be a trend.  For Ryann I order the crispy chicken tenders and some corn.  For some reason it seems to take forever for them to bring our salads, so in the meantime I feed Ryann some snacks and part of a fruit cup.  When the waiter finally brings our food he says, "I was going to try and get her lunch over here quickly, but it looks like she had plenty of snacks to keep her happy!"  Umm, sir, did it dawn on you maybe I would have preferred she be hungrier for the lunch we are paying for?  Whatever.

hahaha oh the terror on her face.  how dare I try and have her sit next to Sheryl!
she still wouldn't cooperate

12:40PM:  We are home for nap time.  A little TMI but Ryann hasn't pooped in almost 48 hours, so I give her a little time to run around in the hopes of her working something out.  And I'm right, she gets to work, but it takes forever!  Poor thing.  When she is all cleaned up I read her a couple of books and lay her in her crib, just after 1:00.  Then it is time for a quick shower.  When I get back out to the family room I find my mom taking a little snooze of her own so I hop on the computer and read a few blogs.  Once Grammy has had a little power nap she provides some moral support while I start working on my envelope project.  It isn't exactly going how I'd hoped, but I think I've come up with something I halfway like.


3:55PM:  Sleepy little miss finally wakes up (I am by no means complaining about her sleeping!).  She gets some love from Grammy, before settling down with a snack of watermelon and cheerios.  I have some carrots and hummus.  Grammy heads back home, and Ryann and I do a good job of making a mess with all of her toys.


5:16PM:  Chris texts me to let me know he is on his way home, so Ryann and I get started on dinner.  Which equals me chopping vegetables while Ryann pulls on my shorts and whines.  She doesn't want to 'help', and she doesn't want to play by herself, so I give her a small bowl of yogurt melts.  That works for a little bit, but it doesn't take long for her to by fussy again.  Thankfully Chris gets home and just goes ahead and feeds her dinner.  By the time I am finished cooking, Ryann is finished eating, so Chris and I grab our bowls of sausage pasta skillet and eat in the family room while Ryann plays.

what?  we cook the majority of our meals in a wok.  i'm messy.  this helps.

6:40PM:  We decide on a quick bike ride around the block to entertain the wee one.  It makes her happy.  Until we come home of course.  So I read The Very Busy Spider for the 90 millionth time of the day.  And then again, and again.

(yes, I edited out her bug bites in this pic, it was too cute to leave them there!)

7:23PM:  Time for bath and bed.  Once Ry is in her crib I read some blogs while Chris and I watch, umm, Beauty and the Beast on tv.  Apparently it was the only thing on.

9:00PM:  Chris goes to bed, I turn on Teen Mom and grab my bowl of ice cream (frozen yogurt, whatever).  I love ending the day with some guilty pleasures.  More blogging, client e-mails... just before bed I start a load in the dishwasher.

10:51PM:  Goodnight!  A little creepy... same time that I checked the clock last night before shutting my eyes... 


Amy said...

Loving the blog these days! You have inspired me in so many ways I can't even say. I checked the recipe you linked to and will definitely try a modified version (prob with a quick homemade cheese sauce using whatever cheese I have on hand) BUT I want to know more about these "veggie tots and salmon stix". Have you talked about them before...what are they?

Meredith said...

I keep forgetting to ask--are you doing the bridge to 10k? If not, do you have a routine you're following for workouts?