August 26, 2011

a week in my life - friday

Ummm... major fail on taking pictures this day.  But you come to read what I have to say, not look at my pictures, right?  Hmmm... Sorry :o)


4:30AM:  I wake up incredibly abruptly thanks to nightmares about doing laundry.  Who has nightmares about doing laundry?  Ridiculous.  Thankfully it doesn't keep me from going back to sleep.

5:35AM:  Chris kisses me goodbye.  I would like to go back to sleep again, but go figure, I have to pee.  Per the usual, I end up playing on my laptop.

6:21AM:  Ryann is awake.  Just before I close my laptop I see this picture on pinterest, and immediately want to redecorate my family room.  I love striped curtains.  And the chalkboard?  The turquoise!  Actually lots of things make me want to redecorate my family room.  It is very brown...  anyway... I make my bed and get dressed before heading in to get Ryann.

7:02AM:  Failed attempt at getting breakfast going.  Ryann keeps saying "hug mommy?  hold you?"  So we snuggle in the kitchen for a bit.  Eventually I get her settled in the booster with some yogurt and start making peanut butter toast and scrambled egg whites (Ryann of course won't even think about trying the eggs).  After breakfast we do some playing and coloring in the family room, and then throw some clothes down the 'hole' (laundry chute).  Ryann loves to chuck socks at it and say "wee socks!  wee socks!"  She lucks out and gets to watch some Jake and the Neverland Pirates while I attempt to control my ridiculous bed head.  Then I get Ryann dressed and we read a couple books.


9:04AM:  We head over to the post office to make sure my envelopes will mail.  My only choices for stamps are a dolphin or a wedding cake... hmmm... going to have to think about that one.  Then we are on our way to the gym, I have a training session scheduled.  We eat a quick snack in the car (bananas and goldfish grahams) before heading in.

10:40AM:  I planned on doing a little cardio after my session, but while I am walking on the treadmill I notice the sky getting darker and darker, so I decide it is best to get Ryann and head out before anything crazy happens.  When I turn around the sky on the other side of the building is nearly black.  I go as quickly as I can (without looking like a fool) to get Ry, but just as we reach the front door of the building, it starts POURING.  And my umbrella is freaking in the car.  Of course.  My weather app on my phone won't load, so I have no idea how long the rain will last.  So we run for it.  Ryann says "No!  Mommy!  No!  Rain!  Wet!" the whole time.  I jump in the back seat with Ry, and we are both completely soaked.  Lovely.


11:10AM:  The drive home was miserable, but we made it.  I take a quick shower while Ryann throws toys in at me.  She is so sweet to think I want something to play with, right?  Ha.  I dry off, throw on some clothes, and plop Ryann on the kitchen counter to help me make her a tortilla pizza.  Whoa.  I know.  We are getting crazy today!  I spread some tomato sauce on a tortilla, and try and get Ryann to help me sprinkle on cheese.  Instead she just eats some cheese.  That's cool.  I pop her pizza in the oven, and then make the mistake of telling her to watch it bubble while its cooking.  Apparently the bubbles are scary.  Great.  I do manage to get her to eat about 1/3 of it, so I'm calling it a success.  Next up is nap time, hooray!

she was pounding it with her fork, and no, I did not prompt this.  my kid is just that awesome.
good job fork.  great work with lunch today!

12:47PM:  Ryann is in her crib, and I try and quickly make my way through my blog roll.  Then I head downstairs to sort the laundry.  I hate my laundry room.  No wonder I was having nightmares.  I head back upstairs and design the inserts for my envelopes and working on my client's wedding program.

3:24PM:  Ry is up, and has crazy nap hair yet again.  For snack we split an apple.  At first she wanted to eat it like a big kid, but it wasn't working out for her.  So I cut it up.  I also had some pita and hummus.  Ry got a few crackers, and surprised me by correctly counting them, "One, two.  Two crackers.  Mommy.  Two crackers."  Yes, she can count, but usually if I ask her to count something she just keeps going, no matter how many of an item there might be.  So I was impressed that she stopped at two, and specifically told me there were two.  We again consider running out to do a couple errands, but Ry seems pretty content just hanging out at home.  So that is what we do.


6:04PM:  Chris is on his way home, but Ry and I are already past hungry so I heat us up some dinner.  Leftovers for me, a Gerber meal for Ry.  Chris informs me that the Chiefs play their first preseason game tonight, YES!  I am so excited for football season.  But the part of the game we watched?  Lame.  Hello fumbles.  Come on guys, I really want to see a great season.  While we are watching Ry brings us different toys and books that she wants to play with.  She loves pointing out all the characters in an Elmo book she has, I especially like it when she says "Baby Zoe".  I don't know why, it is just really cute.

7:49PM:  After putting Ry in bed, I read some blogs and attempt to be productive.  But my printer is being lame so I turn to pinterest instead.  Good alternative right?

8:47PM:  Chris is heading to bed.  Even though I feel like I have plenty of things to do (nothing super important, just stuff I want to do), I decide I want to cuddle with him.  Of course I have to grab my ice cream first :o). 

9:42PM:  I thought about playing on my laptop for a little bit, but after about 10 minutes my eyes are starting to close.  I decide getting to bed at a reasonable time isn't such a bad idea.  Good night!


Momfish said...

It's so refreshing to see that someone else (with a toddler) spends a good portion of their day grazing food, hahah. It really does seem like we eat 100 times a day now!

Dana said...

Love it!! Your day sounds like mine, but I have yet to get to the gym!! Our gym's baby center kinda scares me. It is right at the entrance and they won't allow us to leave any sippy cups or snacks. :(

Kelly said...

What a smart way to make a pizza! I always have tortillas in the fridge! Love reading about your day to day goings on!