August 8, 2011

three and done

This morning I tried to write up a post regarding finding balance in my eating habits.  It sucked for two reasons.  One, I should never try and write at post at 5:45am, what was I thinking?  Two, I still don't have it all figured out, so trying to talk about it was just all jumbled up.  So I erased it.

Moving on.

One thing I will keep from the first draft?  I finally can 100% say that my progress is not measured by the scale.  It is a motivational tool for me, but I know it doesn't always give me the whole story.  Case in point, last week I gained five pounds, lost six pounds, gained two pounds and lost one pound.  For real.  All in six days.  Lately my weight is highly dependent on how much water I take in and how much salt I eat.  Some days I retain a lot more, which is totally fine, because I need the hydration.

Just so you all know, crossfit is KILLING me.  I feel like such a wimp!  I know I have to start somewhere, but most of the workouts are intended to have at least four rounds, usually five, I only get through three.  And today the workout only consisted of three things:  400m run, 20 hang clean squats and 20 (assisted for me) pull-ups.  Three rounds of that and I was soaked with sweat.  It was ridiculous.  And hang clean squats (maybe they are just called hang cleans, I don't remember)?  They are no joke.  My heart rate was definitely up, and my muscles were burning (partly because I wasn't doing it quite right, whatever, I was trying!).

hahaha, had to include it... via

Actually, you want to know the one exercise that terrifies me more than any of the others?  Stupid box jumps (I'm usually doing the jump up step down variation).  The first time I was on the smallest box, and I was still paranoid I wouldn't clear it.  Last Wednesday she stepped me up one size, it is maybe, um, 18 inches or so tall?  I stopped halfway through my round to 'shake it out', the trainer asked me if my legs were starting to fatigue.  Nope, just scared to death.  That's all.  Then Thursday I watched a couple of 14, maybe 15 year old boys doing box jumps on the largest box (that thing is SO tall!), holding ten pound dumbbells in each hand.  That will make you feel a bit lame.  Oh well.  I'll pass on completely wiping out and stick to my medium box :o).

I got some good news today, since July 29th I have lost 2.2% of my body fat.  I'm down to 17.7%!  I still want to see some more muscle definition, so I'll keep at it, but somehow she calculated that I'd lost two pounds of fat and gained a pound of muscle, or something like that.  Whatever.  I'll take it.

What to take from this post?  I'm loving crossfit.  The workouts don't necessarily take long, and I really feel like I am doing something.  A lot of something.  My arms were sore from Tuesday-Friday last week.  So were my abs.  I felt great.  And I think the combination of crossfit and running is really working for me and my body.

What are you favorite workouts?  Oh, and also, know of a great ab workout?  I don't see the trainer again until Friday this week, so Wednesday I'm going to run and focus on my core.

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