August 3, 2011

a day in the life - calling all mommies

Well ladies, the momma that was supposed to post today never sent me anything, nor did she respond to my reminder e-mails.  But it's all good, I suppose I can give her the busy mom pass, because Lord knows I forget to do stuff and lose track of things ALL THE TIME.  Usually when this happens I throw together a quick post about one of my days.  But lucky you, inspired by Dusty, I will be sharing an entire WEEK in my life.  So I didn't have it in me to put one together right now.  I hope you can forgive me :o).

This series has been going on for more than a YEAR now.  There have been just under 50 lovely ladies who have let you peek into their life.  The posts don't always get the most comments (eh, my blog isn't always high in comments anyway), but I hear over and over again how much other women enjoy it.  So thank you ladies, for taking the time to share with all my readers!

Here are links to some of the most viewed 'a day in the life' posts:

And links to my 'a day in the life' posts
my first (she was so little!!!)

Also, I noticed that Melissa over at Dear Baby has been having some ladies post about their days while she is on maternity leave.  Check those out if you really need to read about other people's days :o).

I only have two more ladies scheduled to post about their day, so if you are interested in being a part of the series please leave your e-mail and blog addresses in the comments section of this post.  If you have previously commented on a post wanting to be a part of the series, but I never e-mailed you.  Forgive me, and leave your info here :o).

Gotta run.  Currently my mornings are consisting of being woken up at 5 when Chris's alarm goes off, and then praying that Ryann sleeps past 6.  It isn't happening.  She's currently yelling at me.

p.s.  Did you see the giveaway I posted yesterday?  Make sure you enter!  Your odds are pretty good right now.

Have a good one!


Megan said...

I think Id like to take a stab at a Day In The Life post :) I did one a while back for the Feb babies board.

Ive also done the week in the life before and that was fun to see through to the end.

Email is and blog is :)

Gia said...

I would LOVE to be a part of the series!! I love reading about how other moms go about their daily business!! I will even volunteer to wait a month or so because I go back to work at the end of August and life is MUCH more chaotic and interesting once August hits!

Erin said...

I would love to part of the series!!! I am a first time mom to be so this could be a new spin on the series as well!! I have a personal blog and then a blog for moms as well.

Mrs. Brewer said...

I'd love to do this! In the past I've been writing my blog more as a way to archive my daughter's month achievements, but recently am trying to take it to the next level.


Rebecca said...

I'd love to guest post too!! Email is blog is

Tysie said...

Lilah and I would love to share a day in our life...

Tysie @

"A Lilah A Day"

Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

I'd love to do one as well - I've really enjoyed reading them :)


wallacefamilyblog said...

I know I did one a while back in Sept. for a day in the life but would love to do another one since it seems like so much has changed now.

lala said...

I'm embracing my time at home with my two little ones and am trying to get back to posting more regularly, so I'd love to participate if you'd have me! Thanks.


Lauren said...

I really enjoy reading these. I considered doing my own, but I feel like I wouldn't have much to say some days! Thanks for this series!

~e said...

I think I could take a shot at it- my blog started as something just for my family but I'm getting bored with it and trying to expand things a bit.

Of course it might be more interesting if we waited until December and I did a day in the life as a mom of two under two....


Laura said...

I will voluneer! I have a 3 yr old girl- a 2 yr old girl and a 3 month old boy! Life is amazingly wonderfully perfectly chaotic here :)

My name is Laura Williams but my email is

I'm so busy I have a ten yr old email with my maiden name :) LOVE your blog. I'm a daily follower!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I'd love to do this! I was planning on doing one soon anyway as I've always loved this series and think it'd be great to remember what our life was like when I look back...such a neat idea. Thanks! :)
sjg_ou at

Meg said...

Hi! I love this series! A friend of mine first recommended you when I started sleep training my baby girl as you had posted about CIO, too...that was back in January! Anyways, I'd be interested in guest posting. I am a stay at home, work from home 1st time Mama to a baby girl who will turn 1 August 13th.

My blog is my email is

Amy said...

I would be interested in doing a post!!

My blog is http://paxtonhall/

Have a great day!

bethxlove said...

I would love to be a part of this, if you'll have me? :) My e-mail is & I blog at

Little Gray Pixel said...

I'm a little late to this game, but I'd love to do one of these for you (I did one on my blog a few months ago to document my last day of maternity leave, oh so bittersweet).