August 25, 2011

a week in my life - thursday

5:25AM:  I halfway wake up to Christopher kissing me goodbye before heading off to the hospital.  I promptly pass out again.

6:10AM:  This time I am woken up by the sound of something repeatedly slamming into a wall.  Not going to lie it is a bit startling.  I finally realize it is Ryann kicking the wall through the slats on her crib.  Lovely.  I get it.  You're up.  And I choose to lay with the pillow over my head for another 5 to 10 minutes or so.  I really REALLY need to go to bed earlier.  Eventually I get up, make the bed, get myself dressed, and go in to tell the wee one good morning.

6:58AM:  Time to eat.  I have the usual, peanut butter toast and vitamins.  Ryann has a waffle, some mango and a few yogurt melts.  While we are eating I quickly throw up a blog post (by the way, the brand of those shoes people were asking about is Naughty Monkey, I think I got them at Von Maur, or Dillards, or Nordstrom...), which really was just dropping some point and shoot pics in a post.  After breakfast we, for some reason, move a snail's pace getting ready.  I pack a change of clothes for myself, a swimsuit for Ry, and some snacks for after the gym.  Meanwhile Ryann is enjoying Jake and the Neverland Pirates on my bed.  She LOVES that show.  But is also eager when I ask her if she wants to get dressed to go to the gym.


7:55AM:  We are finally out the door.  Today my training schedule calls for a 3.5 mile run and some stretching.  The run feels rather terrible, my legs are just dragging.  But I finish my 3.5 in 32:20, and walk until I hit 40 minutes.  Feels good to have that done and over with.  After my workout I change my clothes and half attempt to put some make-up on so I don't look so ridiculous.  Then I grab Ry from the child center and change her into her swimsuit.

9:35AM:  Ryann and I eat a quick snack in the car (goldfish, some apple, part of a nutrigrain for Ry, and some chocolate covered almonds for me) before making the 20 minute drive to the splash park.  Honestly?  The drive was a little sketchy, I've never been in that area before and it wasn't what I was expecting.  But I was pleasently surprised when the park finally came in to view.  We met up with Sarah and the boys, and the kiddos seemed to really enjoy the water.  Ryann also wanted to play on the slides and such, but the play equipment was designed for kids a good bit bigger than her.  So we had a little more fun in the water before heading home.


11:30AM:  Home again.  I change Ryann out of her wet clothes and get started on lunch.  Today she is having, drumroll please.... veggie tots*!  Ha ha.  I put together a sandwich for myself, and eat the rest of the mango.

12:44PM:  Once Ryann is in her crib I consider taking a shower, but I am already wearing 'real' clothes, and I have no desire to be wet.  So I um, skip it.  I speed read some blogs before working on client projects.  And eventually end up working on my envelopes some more.  It sounded like a fine idea, signing up for that, the whole concept is awesome.  I'm just terrible at executing projects.


3:14PM:  Ryann is awake and ready to play.  As soon as I am done changing her diaper she squirms out of my arms, grabbed her stuffed kitty cat and heads to the family room.  She is so funny with stuffed animals, telling them to do this or that.  I love it.  Eventually I convince her that it is snack time (I was HUNGRY!), even though she'd rather just keep playing.  I thought I'd be cool and make peanut butter banana cracker sandwiches, which were incredibly tasty in my opinion, but Ryann freaks out when she realizes the banana is on the cracker.  So she eats hers separately.  Weirdo.


4:26PM:  Last week I got a coupon in the mail to Sports Authority, so I decide we should head over there and find me a new running top.  Race for the Cure is on Sunday, and the only pink top I have is the same one I wore for the Mother's Day 5K (so not cool obviously, wearing the same top :o).  Ryann helped me search the store for pink things, I only wish I was quicker with my camera when she was so excited that there was pink in some rainbow snake print shorts.  "Pink mommy!  Pink mommy!"  Yes thank you dear, but I'll pass on rainbow snake skin for my behind.  I find an under armor tank I like and end up only paying $10 for it.  I'll take it.

5:00PM:  Home yet again and time to start working on dinner.  This is pretty epic for me, cooking dinner by myself twice in one week.  Ryann sits on the counter while I start peeling shrimp, but eventually she gets bored so I let her run off.  Suddenly it gets a little too quiet.  "Ryann?  Miss Ryann?  RYANN ELIZABETH!"  No response.  I quickly get my butt in the family room to find her sitting quietly on the floor coloring on her pad of paper, looking like such a big girl.  Heart melting.  I head back to the kitchen to keep cooking, and Ryann joins me again not too much later.  But she is starting to get a bit whiny, and hungry, and just wants my attention.  So I give her a giant spoon, a spatula and a bowl full of blueberries.


6:11PM:  Christopher is home!  He feeds Ryann her dinner while I finish making ours. After we eat I beg Chris to be the clean up crew.  Okay, I didn't really have to beg, he is a sweetie and did it for me after I politely asked.  Ry and I head to the family room to play while daddy cleans.  Randomly I start singing a little jingle that her music table plays (said table is currently in the basement).  Ryann looks at me, runs to the gate to the basement and starts saying "Table?  Table?"  I don't know how she remembers it is down there, or connects the jingle to her table which is in the basement, but whatever.  I figure if she straight up asks for something like that I'll give it to her!  So we get it out of the basement.  When So You Think You Can Dance Comes on we start watching it together.  Man I hope Ryann wants to dance.


7:30PM:  Time for a bath.  While Chris gets Ry all squeaky clean I do a quick clean up of the kitchen and laundry room.  Then I head in to put Ryann to bed.  Randomly she tells the ball toy in the kitchen "Bye bye.  See you tomorrow.  See you in a bit."  (I taught her to say those two things, no intending them to go together.)  Then she starts saying "See you in a bit" in the weirdest high pitched voice over and over and just cracking up at her self.  So I am laughing harder than ever.  I'm sure Chris thought we were nuts.  Chris is off to bed, I grab my ice cream, and finish watching So You Think You Can Dance.


9:00PM:  After the show I read some blogs, work on my envelopes and put Ryann's clothes in dryer.  I realize I haven't taken any notes on the days events, so I figure I better write my post now rather than have nothing for it in a couple days.

10:44PM:  I really wanted to make myself go to bed at 10, but I'm still getting in bed before 11, progress maybe?


*Yesterday Amy asked about the veggie tots... I think I might have mentioned the veggie tots and salmon stix before, but I get them at Whole Foods.  The brand is Happy Baby, and they look like chicken nuggets/tater tots or mozzarella sticks, but have a meat substitute (I think) and veggies in them.  Even though I hate feeding her the same thing all the time, I know she will eat these, and I know she is getting some protein and veggies throughout the day. 


christa said...

It's so funny how kids remember everything! My nephew is almost 3 and he recalls everything. Cute rainbow striped pants!

Amy said...

Thanks! We don't have Whole Foods but I'll see if I can find them around here. Great post!

Savannah said...

I just wanted you to know how inspiring you have been to me. I started the CT5K & on week 3. I haven't lost a stinking thing and I have a whole closet that doesn't fit. I am not going to quite but can't help to be so down.
When you first started the CT5K did you do any other exercises too? I need some pointers!
I really enjoy your blog and your little one is so stinkin cute!

Erin said...

Loving these posts! Annie also will randomly remember a toy that makes a certain song and go find it if I start singing it. Funny!

Sarah said...

aaawww the picture of them at the splash park is cute!! Love Ryann trying to drink the water. haha. Hope your working on a blog about her first day of MDO!