August 24, 2011

a week in my life - wednesday

I apparently don't take pictures in the morning.  We do most of our running around in the morning.  Which is part of it.  But I pretty much failed at capturing pictures to use throughout the day.  Oh well.


5:25AM:  I wake up a bit as Chris is heading out the door, but manage to fall back asleep until 6.  This time I'm up for good, so I research some ab exercises on my computer and read some blogs until Ryann wakes up around 6:20.  Time to make the bed and get my workout gear on.

6:58AM:  Typical breakfast, a slice of peanut butter toast and blueberries for the both of us.  After we are finished eating Ryann 'helps' me unload the dishwasher.  We practice counting the dishes as I put them away.  Ryann has seriously become obsessed with The Very Busy Spider, so we read it a couple of times before getting her dressed and ready to head out the door.

7:45AM:  We leave for the gym.  Today is pretty straight forward for me, two miles on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the elliptical and some ab work. 

9:40AM:  Home again, and of course, time for a snack.  Ry and I both have some watermelon, her with a side of cheerios, mine with a side of scrambled egg whites.  After a quick clean up of the dishes, we read books and color in the family room while I slowly put together a grocery list.

10:44AM:  We are on our way to the grocery store.  Ryann isn't always a huge fan of grocery shopping (or any shopping for that matter).  At the grocery store she is usually just ticked off that I won't let her eat all the fruit I'm putting in the cart.  Today I got clever, and didn't buckle her in, but let her do it.  She loves buckling her carseat, so for ten minutes or so she would work to get the buckle done, and I would undo it for her so she could try again.  Yes, I know she should be buckled in the cart at all times, but hey, you do what you have to do right? 

11:30AM:  Home from the grocery store, and time to put away the groceries.  I give Ryann a small bowl of yogurt melts to keep her occupied while I get everything sorted out and start on lunch.  Today I'm making myself a salad... with avocado and tomatoes... :o).  But the dang avocado isn't quite ripe enough so it is TOUGH to get it out of the skin.  Don't worry, I prevail.  I top my salad with some Trader Joe's pineapple salsa.  Ryann ate her chicken fingers left over from our Chili's lunch date.  She takes a while to eat, so I start having a dance party.  Which becomes even more ridiculous when I try to capture said dance party on camera.  Ryann doesn't know what to think.  Eventually we get all cleaned up and ready for nap time.

ryann is thinking, "help.  please.  someone help me.  my mom is crazy."
or she was just interested in the beeping coming from my camera.
and she was incredibly entertained by my shenanigans.  for the record.
well, except when I tried to kiss her.

12:48PM:  Ryann is in her crib and I head to the bathroom for a quick shower.  Then it is time to catch up on a few blogs and work on my envelope project.  I get a little bit hungry and grab a handful of animal crackers before starting on a wedding program for a client.


3:12PM:  Suddenly Ry is awake, staring at the monitor, yelling "MOMMY!  MILK!  MOMMY!  MILK!"  Uh, I guess little girlie is thirsty?  Sheesh!  I go to get her and find some crazy nap hair.  I love crazy nap hair :o).  We sit down for snack, a pita half and hummus for me, yogurt and pretzel fish for Ry.  I ask Ryann if she wants to run errands, she responds with "play in fam?  color in fam?"  Fam = family room, so I take it she would rather stay home to play and color.  Which is fine by me, I'm starting to feel a little run down.  I attempt to pick up toys and junk around the house, but there is a little girl following behind me pulling more stuff out.  Ryann decides she wants to read books, and of course requests all of the longest ones off her shelf.  I suppose it is ok, it means we sit still for a good 20 minutes or so!


5:40PM:  Chris is home and I am beat.  I don't know what is wrong with me, slowly but surely I am starting to feel more and more drained and sick this evening.  We have leftovers from last night's dinner.  More books are read.  Chris takes Ryann on her bike for a bit while I keep working on client projects.  When they come back in Ryann wants to play in our bed (she always wants to play in our bed) which turns in to a big tickle fest.  Good times :o).


7:23PM:  Time to get Ryann in the bath.  Chris bathes her while I clean up the kitchen.  Tonight Chris decides to put Ryann to bed so I get started watching So You Think You Can Dance.  Chris joins me for a little bit, but he is exhausted and heads off to get ready for bed.  Eventually I get my nightly bowl of ice cream, and pick up the toys in the family room during commercials.


9:00PM:  I switch over to Dance Moms on Lifetime.  Please tell me I'm not the only one out there watching this (Christin??).  I find it very, um, interesting.  :o)  While that is on in the background I work on some client projects before spending a little more time on my envelope project.  Somehow I end up on facebook...

11:09PM:  This morning I swore I would be in bed by 10:15.  Whoops.  Goodnight!


christa said...

Dessert looks yummy. I too usually end up on facebook ugh...

Kate said...

Ryann is too cute! Sounds like another productive day :-) I should do this so I can remember what it was like when my girl was little, too!

Jill said...

Love your crazy dancing moves! Also would love to take part in that dessert! OMG. Delic!

Karlene said...

I'm so glad to hear someone else's toddler is like that in the grocery store too. It doesn't take long before he's whining for me to hold him or for him to run around which just isn't going to happen when I'm shopping!
I try and distract him when I have to buy produce. One time I went down the baby food aisle and he let out a full on tantrum when we walked away and he didn't get any puffs! I do most of my shopping in the evenings by myself now. Really wish I could figure out a way to do it with my little guy!

Jamie said...

Icecream looks yummy. You mentioned it was actually Frozen Yogurt. What type/brand is that?

Gia said...

I love reading the captions on your pictures. Those, along with Ry's faces, crack me up.

Did you notify anyone about the new guest posters for A Day in the Life? I had posted that I was interested and hoped I didn't miss anything.

Cubbies and Nooks said...

Dance Moms is SO crazy...and yes, I watch it every week. :)